Patients are requested to ring Ruabon surgery on 01978 823717 after 8.00a.m. on Monday to Friday.

You may book a routine appointment with any of our doctors up to two weeks ahead. If you require an urgent same day appointment you may be put through to our triage nurse specialist or the on-call doctor. You may receive advice over the telephone or be given an appointment to come in and be seen. On Mondays or on days preceding or following a Bank Holiday our telephones are extremely busy and we would ask that you are patient when waiting for the telephone to be answered.

*** It is the responsibility of patients to inform us as soon as possible if they are unable to attend. This will allow us to fill these empty appointments. We monitor our appointments and patients who repeatedly miss appointments may be removed from our practice list ***



8.30a.m. to 11.00a.m. and also 3.00p.m. to 5.30p.m. Monday to Friday with appointments normally available for all our doctors.

Ruabon surgery is fully compliant with DDA legislation.

When doctors are on holiday or ill, their work is covered by other doctors in our partnership but from time to time we may find it necessary to use a locum service.



If you need a home visit, PLEASE TELEPHONE RUABON SURGERY ON 01978 823717 BEFORE 11.00A.M. if possible. This will help the doctors to plan their work efficiently. Home visits must be for those patients who are housebound or currently too ill to go out. A doctor can see five patients in the surgery in the time it takes to see one patient on a home visit.



We are a training practice for medical students, student nurses and degree nurses. We would welcome your co-operation in this important teaching role of the practice but you are able to decline their involvement in your consultation if you so wish.



Sick children are always seen as soon as possible if brought to the surgery. If in doubt about bringing your child out, please phone the surgery first.



Telephone advice can be given by our nurse practitioner or by one of the doctors. Please telephone Ruabon surgery on 01978 823717 with your enquiry.



Please phone RUABON 01978 823717. You will be connected to the out-of-hours emergency service. This is the responsibility of Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board.



We do not accept telephone requests for repeat prescriptions. The list which accompanies your prescription should be used or your request should be written clearly on a request form available at our surgeries. This should be handed in to the surgery or to your chemist. Please allow two working days for your prescription to be processed after it has reached us. For more information regarding repeat prescription requests, please ask at reception. If you receive repeat prescriptions, you should see the doctor from time to time. We will tell you if this is needed in your case.



If you are unhappy about any of the services provided please put your complaint in writing to the Practice Manager, Mrs. Rosemary Bartley.



If you have a current N.H.S. medical card, please fill in your new details on this card. If you do not not have a medical card, registration forms are available at our surgeries. We will then give you a simple questionnaire to complete and invite you to attend for a health check-up.



The practice has a policy of not tolerating any verbal or physical abuse or any form of threatening behaviour. Practice staff are trained to respect patients’ views and we expect them to be treated politely. We have the right to remove violent or abusive patients from our practice list immediately.



Your medical records are confidential and usually information can only be released under strict circumstances with your consent. Sometimes we are ordered to release information by the courts and very rarely we may have to act in the public’s best interest by releasing information against your wishes. If any of your medical details need to be used in medical audit, information-gathering or the assessment of how our practice is performing, these details will be made anonymous. If this is impossible to achieve, we will have to ask for your consent to release the information. This situation could arise when other medical organisations ask us to provide information as part of their monitoring of our practice in order to achieve the highest quality of care in the N.H.S. We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Our premises and individuals within them are protected by C.C.T.V.

Contact Details

Telephone: 01978 823717
Fax: 01978 824142